Help With Anxiety

Anxiety is the natural survival response to run or fight being triggered at the wrong time. This response is designed to help you but in modern times this is often triggered by events from job interviews to social situations etc… Anxiety and panic attacks are caused by a misuse of the imagination. For example worrying … More Help With Anxiety

Falling Asleep In A Rainforest 😴 SLEEP STORY FOR GROWN UPS 💤 Adult Bedtime Story

This guided sleep meditation is a therapeutic deep sleep hypnosis adult bedtime story about someone going through the drudgery of everyday life, then they book a holiday to an exotic location, they visit a rainforest, find a clearing with a lake and waterfalls, they dream of being on Mars looking back at the pale blue … More Falling Asleep In A Rainforest 😴 SLEEP STORY FOR GROWN UPS 💤 Adult Bedtime Story

Help With Sleep

Sleep is fundamental to survival. Proper sleep boosts the immune system, refreshes and revitalises you for the following day. When you go into dream sleep the brain closes off all unfinished emotionally aroused patterns from throughout that day. Some people may think that they never dream or that they never sleep but all those people … More Help With Sleep

Dan Jones Interviewing Stephen Brooks

UK’s leading Hypnotherapist and author of best-selling book ‘Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts’ Dan Jones from interviewing legendary Hypnotherapy trainer Stephen Brooks, from This amazing, rare and insightful interview with Stephen Brooks. Hear him talk about therapy, the ‘lost years’, therapist’s mind-set, how to be a better therapist, being a therapist, rather than just doing therapy, … More Dan Jones Interviewing Stephen Brooks