The Power of Touch

In ‘New Scientist’ (28th February 2015) is an article ‘The Touch That Made You‘. It is an interesting article about the power of touch. I have always found the power of touch really interesting. Many years ago I read a science article story about twins that were born in a hospital, one of the twins … More The Power of Touch

Tackling Youth Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour

Research About Tackling Youth Offending & Anti-Social Behaviour Through Parenting Support – Measuring outcomes and gathering an evidence-base for a particular approach or way of working is an important part of any intervention. By measuring success you can also notice where improvements are required. For example from the outcomes gathered based on this work one observation … More Tackling Youth Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour

The Submarine Deep Dive 😴 LONG SLEEP STORY FOR GROWN UPS 💤

This is a long guided sleep meditation therapeutic deep sleep hypnosis bedtime story for grown ups about going on a deep dive in a small submersible, deep into the ocean alongside an island with a mountain. You descend down the edge of a cliff and then deeper down into an underwater trench before entering a … More The Submarine Deep Dive 😴 LONG SLEEP STORY FOR GROWN UPS 💤

Help With Depression

Research has shown that in almost all cases depression is not a biological or genetic illness. The biological changes that occur are the result of the depression not the cause. In some cases the biological effects are caused by diet, and pregnancy can also cause depression, although most cases of post-natal depression are caused by … More Help With Depression