🛸 Trip to the Alien Mothership 👽😴 BEDTIME STORY FOR GROWN UPS 💤

This guided sleep meditation healing deep sleep hypnosis bedtime story for grown ups is a sleep story for grown ups about a woman going out on her daily run, she runs around streets and then into a local park. She decides to rest for a while by the lake in the park and drifts into a dream. In that dream she walks into the woodland and as she does she see what looks like a meteor or comet in the sky, then notices that it is heading for the woodland and seems to come down somewhere in the woods. She goes in search of it and finds a UFO, enters the UFO and finds an alien trapped under something which has been damaged and fallen on to it. She helps it out and they communicate. She then gets taken in the craft up to the mother ship which is in orbit around the Earth, she spends time learning more about these aliens and they learn about her and the Earth before she returns to the Earth and ends up waking up by the lake wondering whether that was a dream or real and continues her run home where that night she drifts off asleep wondering about the days experiences.

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About Me

I am a #1 best-selling autistic self-published author, I have had over 150,000 books sold, over 15 million YouTube video views, and my sleep story mp3’s have been downloaded and streamed over 5,000,000 times. I have created many online hypnosis, hypnotherapy and parenting training courses and have an extensive background working in child and family support, and helping around sleep, anxiety and stress.

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