😴 Deep Trance Experience: Secret Cave of Wisdom LONG BEDTIME STORY FOR GROWN UPS 💤

This long deep trance sleep hypnosis bedtime story for adults is a healing guided sleep meditation to guide you into a deep trance and deep healing sleep experience.  The story starts with a deep trance process for you to follow to relax your body and calm your mind, including a breathing technique designed to trigger the relaxation response, before transitioning into guided imagery for deepening your trance and beginning the healing focus and process for sleep. The guided imagery starts with finding yourself walking through a meadow, then through a gate into woodland, then to a stream where you fall asleep into a reverie against a tree and find yourself in a palace looking out over a medieval land, you descend a spiral staircase, going deeper into deep trance before leaving the palace, walking through the medieval land to some woodland, you walk through the woodland and find a clearing with a lone tree in the clearing, you head down a spiral staircase going deep down under the tree to a room with a comfortable chair. You sit in the chair and drift asleep and discover yourself in front of a door which seems to be in the middle of nowhere, you pass through the door and enter a series of rooms of nothingness before creating a reality where you find yourself in a row boat, you row to the shore of a lake and walk through the woods where you find a cave, you enter this secret cave of wisdom where you find a book. After leaving the cave you decide to climb the nearby mountains, you climb the mountains and learn from reaching the summit. At the summit you find another strange door, you pass through the strange door and find yourself stood looking at yourself sleeping by the tree near the stream. You rest into that you and drift deeper into a profound deep healing sleep.

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About Me

I am a #1 best-selling autistic self-published author, I have had over 150,000 books sold, over 15 million YouTube video views, and my sleep story mp3’s have been downloaded and streamed over 5,000,000 times. I have created many online hypnosis, hypnotherapy and parenting training courses and have an extensive background working in child and family support, and helping around sleep, anxiety and stress.

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