Exploring A Lucid Dream 💭😴 BEDTIME STORY FOR GROWN UPS 💤 Adult Bedtime Story

This guided sleep meditation healing deep sleep hypnosis bedtime story for grown ups is about a couple of friends camping on a beach playing chess and relaxing. They wander into the sea as the sun sets, then sit by the campfire and have some food before going into the tent and drifting off asleep. While falling asleep, one of the friends has a dream about walking along the beach, finding a hut, exploring a painting in the hut and finding themselves in the picture. They walk towards a river and along the river where they meet a cat and a person to help. They help the person, create a den as rain approaches, then after the weather clears they walk back to where they entered the picture and find their way back out of this lucid dream, back to being in the tent on the beach with their friend.

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