😴 The Magical Mirror 😴 BEDTIME STORY FOR GROWN UPS πŸ’€

This guided sleep meditation healing deep sleep hypnosis bedtime story for grown ups is a sleep story for grown ups about a man who is in a grand hall in a palace. He sees a mirror at the far end of the hall, walks to the mirror and touches it. When he touches it, he notices that his hand passes through the mirror. He decides to step into the mirror. Inside the mirror he notices that he is in a hall which looks like the hall he came from but things are different in some way. He walks through the hall and out of this mirror palace, finds his way over high bridges and down into a cave to get to the valley below. He treks his way through the valley forest following a stream to a waterfall and on to a lake, camps by the lake and has a dream, then continues the next day to walk around the lake to a river, follows the river before finding a fork in the road where he decides to follow the path away from the river based on the dream he had had. He finds a cave and an secret land of an ancient civilisation, he meets a wizard, gets a scroll and learns something here before journeying back the way he came with the scroll.

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