Journey of Inner Discovery (Sleep Story)

(Premium) This healing sleep story for grownups is a bedtime story for grownups about a woman walking along the edge of a river through a meadow near woodland. The woman follows the river to a cliff edge looking out over an open view. She looks down on the view at the wildlife. She abseils down the cliff. She walks around the lake, away from the waterfall, to continue following the river. She sets up camp a little way from the river, has something to eat, then settles down to sleep. The woman finds herself walking down a footpath from her front door, but the door isn’t attached to anything and all around looks like dense fog. She walks to the mailbox at the end of the footpath where she finds a letter. She reads the letter. She reads that a horse will arrive and that the letter is from me. After reading the letter a horse arrives. She sets off on the horse, trotting through woodland on a spring day to a cottage in a clearing. Someone was swinging on a rocking chair outside the cottage. The woman walked to the person at the cottage. They said ‘let’s play a game’. They got out what looked like a chess set, but instead of chess pieces, they were varieties of mushrooms. They started the game, each mushroom of the opponents taken, you eat. The more the woman won, the more mushrooms she ate and the more her reality shifted to look like she was in a painting with a black hole in the painting. She walked through the black hole and discovered it was a long tunnel, like a cave in the painting. In the cave, she touched the electric blue glowing moss. She used this moss to light her way through the cave. She encountered a plank on the ground, walked across the plank, noticing once on the other side that the plank was over a long drop. She continued on and out of the cave. She gazed over a view of animals around a pool of water. She walked to the water, drank some of the water and swam in the water, floating on her back with the warmth of the sun on her face and closed eyes. The woman leaves the water and heads to a box, opens the box, finding a soft stone with a piece of paper tied to it. She reads the paper and takes the stone, then finds a fog set in again and is stood next to that mailbox. She sees her front door, walks through the door and becomes aware of the sound of rain on the tent. In the morning, she leaves the tent and continues her journey, noticing the stone in her pocket from her dream. She heads to her destination to photograph a lunar eclipse. After the eclipse, she settles down in the tent, looking through her photographs. The next day, she hikes her journey back to her car, sleeps in her car for the night in the rain. The next morning, she drives home in the light rain. Once home, she sees a parcel delivered for her. She opens it and discovers it is a painting. That night, she settled down and drifts comfortably asleep.

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