Enlightening Consciousness (Sleep Story)


This is a long sleep story for grownups created during a livestream with ideas from viewers. This healing sleep story for grownups is a bedtime story for grownups about being on an old steam train. You travel on the steam train with a friend, heading north in the UK. You relax in your seat and comfortably drift asleep dreaming about being in a row boat, rowing along the side of a forest. You pull over and camp by the edge of the river. As you fall asleep in this dream, you realise you are dreaming about falling asleep. The next morning, you wake up greeted by a swam of beautiful butterflies that settle into a tree. You continue your journey walking along the river bank and then into the forest. You discover a clearing with an ancient temple. You walk into the temple, finding it a calm and relaxing place to be. You descend below the temple where you find a chamber with a proto-language on the walls of the chamber. The writing tells the story about aliens visiting and starting this culture, ending with a magic spell described which can connect you to the Gods. You give the spell a go. You discover that you connect with an automated psychic beacon. You find that knowledge and wisdom is transmitting into you. As you exit the temple, you begin to notice the sounds and movement of the train and find yourself awakening on the train again. As the journey continues in the early morning shortly before sunrise, you notice lightning flashing among the mist outside and then there is darkness, followed by seeing a view out of the window of mountains. The train comes to a halt. The guard tells the passengers that there is nothing to worry about, something strange has happened. As you look behind the train, you notice that there seems to be a portal which the train has passed through. A scientist arrives and tells the passengers that a science experiment has gone wrong and accidently created this portal. They say that there are 8 rifts open around the central experiment. They have been trying to check each portal to make sure nothing comes through them, but this one has a train which has gone through it. The scientists help get the train back through the portal, before closing the portal. On arrival at your destination, you have dinner before heading to bed. The next day after breakfast, you go hiking and meet someone out walking a cat. You stroke the cat before continuing your journey. You find a warm lake which you swim in. After swimming, you head to a nearby cabin. In the cabin, you open a book which emits a blue light. You discover that many of the books emit light. As you touch the side of the bookshelf, it vanishes, revealing an new world. The person with the cat arrives at the cabin. The cat seems to be looking at something, you wonder what it is looking at. Someone dressed in purple suddenly appears. They explain about the way the world used to be, with witches and wizards and fantastical creatures. They share that the portal in the bookcase is a portal to a spirit world. After your encounter, you head back to the hotel, spend some time in the spa, enjoying a relaxing break, before heading back home to London and experiencing the pleasure of being home, sleeping in your own bed.

All of my healing hypnotic sleep stories for grownups use therapeutic storytelling to help you fall asleep while reducing stress, worry and anxiety. If you want to learn about what makes my sleep stories therapeutic and what I am doing you can find out in this video here: https://youtu.be/sd2q_GZlTHQ

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