The Mirror Portals (Sleep Story)

This is a deep sleep hypnosis, guided sleep meditation sleep story for grownups designed, like all my deep relaxation stories, to calm an overactive mind, reduce stress, worry and anxiety while helping you to fall asleep quickly, tackling insomnia. 

This is a long sleep story for grownups created during a livestream with ideas from viewers. This healing sleep story for grownups is a bedtime story for grownups about you finding yourself sailing on the ocean at nighttime. You drift asleep on the boat and find yourself dreaming of being in a room of mirrors. You pass through a mirror and find yourself in the past, you hear a friend behind you. You recognise them as being a friend from school. You find that the two of you are exploring the woods. You discover a treehouse and enter the treehouse. You wish this moment could last. After being in the treehouse, you head back to through the mirror. Your friend says that they are always with you. You pass through the mirror again and find yourself sitting in a conservatory at home reading a book. You start to wonder whether you have astral travelled. You talk with a friend before they head to bed. You find your way back through the mirror and find another mirror which you head through, you find yourself in a meadow, gazing at the stars. You realise that you don’t recognise any of the constellations. As you notice something rising in the sky, you notice that it is a Saturn-like planet and you realise that you are on a terraformed moon around that planet. You fall asleep on the grass and awaken to curious butterflies, you gets asked if you would like something to eat and realise that there are scientists here in research stations. You eat with them while looking at their technology. You discover you are many thousands of years in the future around a planet around a distant star. The scientists explained that the mirrors were portals. You head back through the mirror back to the room, the mirrors begin to fade and you find yourself back on the boat. You continue your journey, see whales, approach land. As night falls, you arrive at your destination – a secret cove. You head to a cabin in the cove, you relax for a while before heading to bed, looking forward to the next few days on holiday, as you drift peacefully asleep.

All of my healing hypnotic sleep stories for grownups use therapeutic storytelling to help you fall asleep while reducing stress, worry and anxiety. If you want to learn about what makes my sleep stories therapeutic and what I am doing you can find out in this video here:

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