Genie in the Bottle (Sleep Story)

Available on YouTube 29/12/20

This is a long sleep story for grownups created during a livestream with ideas from viewers. This healing sleep story for grownups is a bedtime story for grownups about a woman waking up in a hotel wrapped in a duvet cover. At breakfast, the woman watches the other customers and tries to work out what she can about them from her observations. After breakfast, she heads into the local town, climbs into the back garden of an old building. She enters and explores this old building. In a room, the woman finds a prism, she reflects rainbow light around the room. She finds an unusual looking book in a box which contains a golden key. She finds another book, she places this in her backpack. She uses a pendulum to dowse to find what she is looking for. She finds a book. She reads through that old book before leaving the building and heading to a nearby park where she continues reading that book and taking notes on what she is reading. The woman hunts down a stream that may be the fountain of youth. She drinks some of the water before searching for a cave. She discovers the cave and heads into the cave. In the cave, she discovers a room with silver wall, floors and door and a green bottle on a plinth. She opens the bottle, to find herself sat in a meadow. She wondered where she was. She could see a river, a lake and a small cabin. She walks towards the cabin where she passes a fox cub, sleeping under a hedge. A fox comes over to her with its cubs and talks to her. She heads into the cabin where she sees a cat sleeping in front of the fire. She sees a man in a purple robe with a purple floppy hat. He introduces himself as the genie in this bottle. She is confused to discover that she is inside the bottle. As the woman sits down, she realises that the furniture sings songs of her movement. She relaxes back in the chair and talks with the genie before heading outside the cabin and fishing with the genie. She then asks her wishes before leaving the cave, finding her way back to a meadow at night time. She heard someone walking towards her. She recognised that it was the genie. They sat beside her. They thanked her for the wishes she made and gives her a coin that she can use to communicate with them in the future. The woman returned to her hotel, settled for the night, the next day she explored the town she was staying in, before heading home the next day, where she enjoyed falling asleep in her own bed.

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