NEW MEDITATION MUSIC – Peaceful Piano, Deep Sleep & Dream (3 Hour Meditation Music Based on the Science of Sleep)

3 hour meditation music, created based on the science of sleep.


This track (you can purchase this meditation music as an Mp3 here) uses rhythms similar to binaural beats (but unlike binaural beats which require the use of headphones to work, they can work without requiring headphones) for brain entrainment as well as certain frequencies, repetitions and rhythms to match relaxed breathing and pulse rate and help guide you through the process of sleep from beta waves of wakefulness, through a period of alpha waves to theta waves of stage 1 sleep, to theta and alpha waves of stage 2 sleep, to delta waves of stage 3 sleep and very slow delta waves of stage 4 sleep and up through stages 3 and 2 so that 90 minutes in you are at the REM stage of sleep with beta and theta waves then after 20 minutes of REM having completed a first natural sleep cycle, passing back through down through the stages, 2, 3, and 4 into deep sleep again before heading back to the second nightly REM stage completing a second natural sleep cycle.

Many similar tracks will claim to be ‘delta wave’ tracks or ‘theta wave’, or ‘alpha wave’ tracks, etc., yet that isn’t all there is to sleep. Deep sleep involves delta waves, but you pass through other sleep stages before deep sleep which are also important and after deep sleep you pass on to REM sleep which is a very important stage of sleep. Tracks which just focus on a single brainwave for brain entrainment miss guiding and facilitating your journey through a healthy nights sleep. This track alone guides you through the sleep cycle that average healthy adult goes through every night for the first two cycles. In an average night you would spend about 10 minutes drifting from wakefulness (mainly Beta), through a hypnagogic state (progressing from Beta, through Alpha, towards Theta) for perhaps 5 minutes to stage one sleep (mainly Theta), you will spend about 10 minutes in stage one sleep before progressing on to stage two sleep (mainly Theta with bursts of Alpha) which you will spend about 10 minutes in before progressing to stage three sleep (mainly high Delta) for about 15 minutes, then on to stage four sleep (mainly low Delta) for about 30 minutes, then back through stage three (for about 5 minutes) and stage two (for about 5 minutes) to REM (dreaming) sleep for about 20 minutes (mainly Beta and Theta waves) and this is the end of the first cycle taking about 110 minutes to this point, then you head back from REM, to stage two, then stage three, then stage four again, but all slightly quicker then during the first cycle with slightly shorter time spent in stage four the second and subsequent times, then back up to the second nightly period of REM which lasts slightly longer than the first and each time during the night in healthy adults it lasts slightly longer, with the period just before waking up being the shortest period of stage four deep sleep and the longest period of REM sleep.

Each cycle from the beginning, through to REM takes about 90 minutes, then there is about 20 minutes of REM (the second round is about 85 minutes with 25 minutes of REM, etc) before heading through the cycle to the next period of REM. So you would normally get 5-6 cycles in per night. This track is the first two and if repeated, is a close approximation of the whole nightly cycle.

This track isn’t to replace medical advice or to replace seeking medical advice. Do not listen to this if your attention is required elsewhere or if you have epilepsy or any neurological condition. Consult your Doctor if you have any concerns or questions about using a track like this.

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