Neurodiversity Magazine

On this page you will find the Neurodiversity Magazine. Neurodiversity Magazine is a twice yearly free magazine that I produce focused on neurodiversity, on challenges and strengths and celebrating our uniqueness. This is a new magazine. Being autistic I struggle to seem to be able to connect with people, with autism or mental health charities or other organisations and struggle with connecting with other people to help me to get content for the magazine, so initially the magazine is my own content to see what interest there is in it and what feedback I get, whether people show interest in a magazine like this existing. If there is interest and I start having people submitting articles etc, that I can use to build the magazine up with then it is likely to become a larger magazine than it currently is. If there is a lack of interest then I will likely stop making it because of the time it takes to produce.

Neurodiversity Magazine Vol. 01 No. 01: neurodiversity magazine

neurodiversity magazine


– Five Common Myths About Autism

– Social Communication Difficulties

– Helping Your Child With Social Skills

– Getting My Life Back

– A Day In The Life Of 15 Year Old Me

– The Challenges Of Employment For Undiagnosed Autistic Adults

Neurodiversity Magazine Vol. 01 No. 02, The Autism Act 2009 Special Edition: neurodiversity magazine 2

neurodiversity magazine 2Contents:

– The Autism Act 2009: Ten Years On

– Training For Staff Who Provide Services To Adults With Autism

– Identification & Diagnosis Of Autism In Adults

– Employment For Adults With Autism

– Priority Challenges For Action

– The Autism Act 2009: The Next Ten Years

Neurodiversity Magazine Vol. 02 No. 01: neurodiversity magazine 3

neurodiversity magazine 3 (1)Contents:

– Autistic Superpowers: The Strengths of Being Autistic

– Myth Busting: “Vaccines Cause Autism”

– How to Get an Autism Diagnosis (in the UK)

– Autism and Sleep

– The Pain of Sensory Overload

– The Challenges of Being an Undiagnosed Autistic Adult

Neurodiversity Magazine Vol 02. No. 02: neurodiversity magazine 4

neurodiversity magazine 4Contents:

– An Autistic Son’s Relationship With His Terminally Ill Father

– Understanding and Dealing With Anger

– Communicating With Your Child

– Applied Behaviour Analysis

– Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour

– Living With Autism

Due to a lack of interest and the huge amount of work it takes to make these magazines, after two years of trying to gain interest and involvement from others (like having others submit neurodiversity articles and support from autism and neurodiversity organisations to help with raising awareness of the magazine) I unfortunately have decided to stop producing Neurodiversity Magazine.

My hope initially was that it would be a free magazine for parents, teachers, therapists and those interested in neurodiversity containing articles from a wide range of individuals about their personal or professional experiences with neurodiversity, that I would hopefully get a few people involved to support creating the magazine, perhaps in the future, have some people advertising in the magazine just to help cover costs and time it takes to produce, have a reviews section, reviewing books and products and have a Q&A section where I, as an autistic individual who is also a trained psychological therapist with many years experience working with autistic people, their families and other involved professionals can answer questions people may have that others also may be interested in. The Neurodiversity magazine unfortunately hasn’t achieved what I had hoped. I promised myself I would work on it for 2 years, initially hoping to produce a quarterly magazine, but realising that without support, this wasn’t possible and so reducing to twice per year, hoping that maybe I’ll find support and interest from others over the two years that I would work on this. The fourth issue is the final issue I’ll be producing, unless interest grows in the future or I am able to access support to pick this back up at some point.

Thank you to those of you who have downloaded and read the Neurodiversity Magazine, I hope you find the final issue interesting and helpful.

All the best

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Dan Jones


    1. Hi Elli,
      If you click on the link for the relevant magazine the PDF should automatically open or download.
      The links are straight after the magazine title, for example the most recent issues says ‘Neurodiversity Magazine Vol 02. No. 02:’ followed by the link to download ‘neurodiversity magazine 4’
      All the best



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