Christmas Guided Sleep Meditations Album

This Christmas sleep meditation sleep stories for grownups album is available on most downloads and streaming services including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Music and Soundcloud (search your preferred streaming or downloads service to find the album, or search for specific tracks).

Here are the links to:

The Christmas sleep meditation sleep stories for grownups on this album are:

  • A Family Christmas
  • A Mouse Meets Santa
  • The Kitten’s First Christmas
  • Making New Friends At Christmas
  • Santa Claus
  • The Helpful Elf
  • The Snowman

The Snowman (Sleep Story)

(Free) This hypnotic bedtime story is The Snowman, about a child making a snowman which comes to life (I know, I know, the idea has been done – but there is no ‘walking in the air’, or child flying around with a snowman).

I have two more Christmas sleep stories which will be added to my sleep stories podcast over the next few hours. There won’t be additional posts here on my blog about them, so check out the Dan Jones Hypnosis podcast for all free and premium stories.