Relaxing Sleep Stories for Grownups: 2018 Collection Vol. 01 (includes 15 bonus tracks with SFX)

This sleep meditation sleep stories for grownups album with 15 bonus tracks with sound effects and background music to complement the sleep stories is available on most downloads and streaming services including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Music and Soundcloud (search your preferred streaming or downloads service to find the album, or search for specific tracks).

Here are the links to:

List of tracks on this album:

  • A Lesson in Harmony
  • A Relaxing Break
  • A Sculpture Insight
  • A Student’s Dream
  • Calming the Dragons
  • Connecting With Nature
  • Couple’s ‘Frozen in Time’ Trip
  • Daddy and Daughter Fishing Trip
  • Down the Prehistoric Rabbit Hole
  • Falling Asleep in a Rainforest
  • Fantasy Land: Time Waits for No Man
  • Finding Wisdom
  • Following the Spirit Animal
  • Girl on a Country Walk
  • A Lesson in Harmony (SFX Verson)
  • A Relaxing Break (SFX Version)
  • A Sculpture Insight (SFX Version)
  • A Student’s Dream (SFX Version)
  • Adventure of a Prince (SFX Version)
  • ASMR Deep Relaxation Experience (SFX Version – A new track for 2020)
  • Calming the Dragons (SFX Version)
  • Connecting With Nature (SFX Version)
  • Couple’s ‘Frozen in Time’ Trip (SFX Version)
  • Daddy and Daughter Fishing Trip (SFX Version)
  • Down the Prehistoric Rabbit Hole (SFX Version)
  • Falling Asleep in a Rainforest (SFX Version)
  • Finding Wisdom (SFX Version)
  • Girl on a Country Walk (SFX Version)
  • Fantasy Land: Time Waits for No Man

ASMR Whisper Hypnosis (Male British Voice) for Personal Development

(Free) This is an old ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) whisper hypnosis track of mine (so an ASMR male British voice). I made it in 2009. It is only a short track. I have always been fascinated with the feeling of entering hypnosis that some people would describe if I induced hypnosis in specific ways, like using a deep rumbling voice for words like ‘deeper’ and talking in a whisper, and also when inducing hypnosis with gentle touch, like gently, almost imperceptibly lifting someones arm and touching their hand and wrist area to get arm levitation and focusing attention with soft feather like touches.

You can also find this and dozens more on my Podcast ( and Dan Jones Hypnosis YouTube channel (

This is best listened to through headphones..

I have been going through many of my hundreds of old audio recordings, I’m sure I will share more here over the coming days and weeks…