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Dragon’s Fire: An Illustrated Novel

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In “Dragon’s Fire,” a gripping illustrated novel, join Hyland, a young wizard’s apprentice, as he embarks on an epic quest to clear the realms of a malevolent force that threatens everyone’s very existence.
When a terrifying red dragon wreaks havoc in a peaceful village, Hyland’s mentor sends him on a dangerous mission to gather a diverse team of magical beings, Fezler the elf, Kroger the dwarf, and Piper the siren. Together, they will traverse through the realms, facing fearsome creatures, unlocking their own unique abilities and overcoming personal challenges to develop the skills required to defeat the dragons and return peace to all of the realms.
As Hyland and his companions face each dragon and foe in a series of heart-pounding battles, they grow stronger and more connected, mastering the arts of mind, body, spirit, and magic. Their ultimate goal lies in achieving enlightenment, the key to vanquishing the dreaded black dragon.
“Dragon’s Fire” is a thrilling tale of adventure, friendship, and self-discovery based on Dan Jones popular “Dragon’s Fire” bedtime stories series, that will transport readers on a breathtaking journey through a world teeming with danger, mystery, and wonder. Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing expedition that will leave you hungry for more as Hyland’s destiny unfolds before your eyes. Are you ready to join the fight against the darkness that threatens the realms?

Sleepy Tales for Children: A Revolutionary way to help your children relax and sleep at night

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Sleepy Tales for Children is a collection of 33 short stories written using various psychological principles and techniques to encourage restful sleep in your child. These stories present a revolutionary approach to helping children sleep at night, developed by the author, Dan Jones, during the early 2000’s to help distressed and troubled children and teens to settle at night in children’s homes.
The bedtime tales in this book are written to be read to 4-7 year olds, although the approach works with children of all ages. This book consists of 11 stories previously released in the book Sleepy Bedtime Tales, 11 stories previously released in the book Relaxing Tales for Children, and 11 new, previously unreleased bedtime stories for children.
As well as bedtime stories, this book offers other ideas about how to help children to settle at night and tips around developing healthy bedtime routines for children.
The stories in this book are written without pictures throughout the stories, because pictures can distract the child, encouraging them to want to see what is on each page as the pages are turned, which can stop them focusing on the story and falling asleep.
The font used in this book has been chosen to be easier to read under low light and by children perhaps of a reading age of about 6 or 7 years old who may be interested in reading the stories for themselves.

Dreamweaver’s Guide: How to craft enchanting sleep stories and calming narratives

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Escape the pressures of the modern world and immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of the Serenity Storytelling Method – an innovative and transformative approach to crafting oral tales that promote relaxation and emotional well-being. This comprehensive guide offers a captivating journey into the power of narrative, providing invaluable insights and practical tools for aspiring storytellers and anyone seeking a respite from the chaos of daily life.

Unravel the rich tapestry of storytelling’s history, tracing its evolution from ancient oral traditions to the diverse array of mediums and formats that define it today. Gain an understanding of traditional storytelling structures, such as the three-act structure and hero’s journey, and discover which structures have the potential for creating contemplative and calming narratives.

Delve into the heart of the Serenity Storytelling Method, uncovering the unique benefits and ideal story types that make it so effective. Drawing from a wealth of traditional tales, modern genres, and styles, you’ll see firsthand how this innovative structure can be employed to create compelling narratives that captivate the senses and soothe the soul.

Embark on your own storytelling journey, armed with practical advice for crafting Serenity Stories that resonate with your audience. Learn how to weave tales that leave listeners feeling comforted and at peace. Harness the power of soothing language and vivid sensory descriptions to create an immersive, calming experience that transports your listeners to a world of serenity.

Discover how to adapt the Serenity Storytelling Structure for different mediums, whether you’re writing for print, e-books, or creating captivating audio sleep stories and podcasts. Learn to craft healing stories that resonate with your audience, incorporating therapeutic metaphors, identifying patterns of problems and solutions, and using clients’ personal experiences to create narratives that truly heal.

Be inspired by three example sleep stories and see this approach in action.

With its engaging, conversational style and friendly tone, this expertly written guide offers a treasure trove of knowledge, inspiration, and practical tools for anyone interested in exploring the world of Serenity Storytelling. Whether you’re an aspiring storyteller or simply seeking solace from the stresses of daily life, this book will transport you into a realm of serene narratives that offer comfort, relaxation, and nourishment for the mind, body, and soul.

Embrace the transformative power of stories and embark on a creative journey that weaves together storytelling, relaxation, mindfulness, and healing into a truly innovative and effective art form. Dive into the pages of this captivating guide, and discover the magic of Serenity Storytelling for yourself.

Look Into My Eyes: Autism, Hypnosis & Me

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Autism autobiography Look Into My Eyes is a bestselling biography by autistic individual and autism and family support professional Dan Jones. It is an absorbing and fascinating autobiography that offers rare insight into the workings of the autistic mind. Using illuminating anecdotes that are both inspirational and informative Dan takes the reader on a chronological journey of discovery from early signs he was autistic as a baby and toddler through to what it was like to be an autistic teen and adult and his impact on his parents, family and others around him, finally ending with a chapter by his wife about life being married to an autistic individual.
Through brutal, and at times, shocking, honesty Dan exposes a deeper explanation of autistic behaviours that can at times appear mystifying or extreme and what can be done to help the autistic person cope with challenges they face while nurturing their strengths. He shares the mental processes he goes through to handle social and new situations, the difficulty he has handling sudden change, and the obsession he has to learn how to fit in and understand others.
Dan shares his thoughts and experiences across a wide range of topics including; his love of nature and being underwater, social interactions, quest for knowledge, panic, anxiety and depression, discrimination, role-models, challenges and strengths of being autistic, employment, and school.
This third edition has been written to remove the word ‘Asperger’s’ from the title and book contents, due to the negative history of the term and the fact that it isn’t used as a diagnostic term now.
Look Into My Eyes has been described by readers as:
“Inspirational and informative”
“Brutally honest… shocking… I think everyone should read it”
“This is a fascinating book…A rare gift for anyone interested in the subject”
“Wonderful insight…like viewing the world through his (Dan’s) eyes…allowed me to not only identify my own challenges with AS but also my son’s way in the world”
“I could not put it down…I kept thinking ‘this is like…reading about our life’…I would highly recommend reading it”
“The raw detail of daily life for Dan Jones with Asperger’s is detailed so finely that it takes you into Dan’s world and into his head. It opens up the world of everyone with Asperger’s and will hopefully prove a turning point for those either struggling with the condition themselves or parents and friends of ‘Aspies’.”
“This is a book of great positives”
“Deep and insightful”
“A must read for all and a definite for anyone wanting an understanding of autistic spectrum conditions and those seeking tips and guidance into how to support family or friends who display the traits of autistic spectrum conditions.”
“A fascinating view of life as a toddler, troubled teen and awkward adult living with Aspergers”
As well as being autistic Dan Jones has also spent much of his working career supporting autistic individuals, their families, friends, teachers, employers, and other involved professionals. Throughout the book Dan shares his professional knowledge around what can be done to help the autistic individual from seeking diagnosis through to social skills and handling situations, as well as his personal experiences.

Mastering the Game of Life: The FourGames Formula Series

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Are you ready to revolutionise your life and unlock your true potential? Delve into the captivating world of the FourGames approach – an innovative method designed to help you achieve lasting personal growth, self-improvement, and transformation. In this groundbreaking self-help book ‘Mastering the Game of Life’, you’ll embark on an enlightening journey to discover the four games that shape your life: Short, Mid, Long, and Deep.
Through engaging stories, relatable examples, and expert insights, this guide will help you master your Short-Game – the moment-to-moment decisions and actions that create your reality. Uncover the secrets of the Mid-Game, where your environment and relationships intertwine with your life’s narrative. Embrace the power of the Long-Game, where your goals, roles, and personal story create a roadmap for success. Finally, dive deep into the mysteries of the Deep-Game, exploring the realms of identity, magic, and metaphor.
Written in a conversational and friendly style, this book offers a fresh perspective on personal development, providing practical advice, actionable strategies, and thought-provoking reflections that will inspire you to re-evaluate your life and make lasting changes. Whether you’re a seasoned self-help enthusiast or just starting your journey, the FourGames approach will empower you to create a life of true fulfilment, happiness, and purpose.
So, if you’re ready to uncover the secrets of the FourGames and embrace a life of limitless possibilities, this book is for you! Transform your life, redefine your identity, and harness the magic within as you become the architect of your own destiny – your extraordinary new life awaits!
This is book one in The FourGames Formula series.

Unlocking the Superpower Within: FourGame Dynamics Coaching & Personal Development

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“Unlock Your Full Potential with FourGames Coaching & Personal Development”

Unlocking the Superpower Within is not just any coaching and personal development book, it’s a comprehensive guide that will take you on a transformational journey to discover and unleash the hidden potential within you and others. Based on the innovative FourGames approach developed by Jamie Combs, this book offers a powerful toolkit for personal growth and transformation.

Through a series of thought-provoking chapters and engaging exercises, you will learn how to tap into your innate abilities, you will uncover the FourGames of Genius approach to unlocking the genius strategies of others, discover how to enhance your communication skills and improve your emotional intelligence to unlocking your creative potential, tapping into your intuition and working with ideo-dynamics and temporal reprocessing. The FourGames approach will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to achieve your full potential in life and help others achieve theirs.

Whether you are looking to enhance your leadership or coaching skills, improve your relationships, or simply achieve greater fulfillment, happiness or wellbeing in life, this book has something for you. With step-by-step guidance and practical tips, Unlocking the Superpower Within will empower you to help yourself and others break free from limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, and achieve your dreams.

Written by psychological therapist and trance-formation coach Dan Jones, this book provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to personal growth and transformation.

Hypnotherapy Revealed: Introduction to Hypnotherapy

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The way I like to teach people is from the deepest level up, rather than the surface level down. My experience is that most hypnotherapy courses and books teach the surface level information first and many never touch on the deeper nature of things. They will often give you an explanation of what hypnosis is, perhaps some history of hypnosis, and then they will teach you some techniques for doing hypnosis. When you understand the deeper nature of trance and pattern-matching and the different ways hypnosis can be evoked you don’t need to have structured inductions or techniques for doing hypnosis: you can create your own ways of eliciting hypnotic responses in people in a client-centred way that is unique to each person you work with.

This first volume will teach you the history of hypnosis, various theories of hypnosis including what I think hypnosis is, it will teach you different ways hypnosis can be evoked and deepened and will teach you how you can use self-hypnosis for yourself and why it can be helpful to teach clients self-hypnosis. You will also learn a selection of structured inductions, hypno-therapeutic techniques, how to carry changes from within therapy sessions into clients lives and how hypnosis fits into therapy because there is a misconception that hypnotherapy is somehow different from other psychological therapies when in-fact hypnotherapy is just some form of therapy done with hypnosis as an adjunct to that therapy, hypnosis itself isn’t a therapy.This book on an introduction to hypnotherapy is the first in a planned series of ten volumes about hypnotherapy.

You will also learn about the trance nature of reality, about the pattern matching brain and about responsivity.

Hypnotherapy Revealed: The Ericksonian Approach

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This book will teach you my perspective of the Ericksonian approach to hypnosis and therapy. It will demonstrate the simplicity that I believe underlies the Ericksonian approach and will teach Ericksonian hypnotic language patterns in a simple and easy to learn and understand way.

In this book I share the skills to use so that you can take the knowledge you have from book one in the Hypnotherapy Revealed series about hypnosis, pattern-matching and the trance nature of reality and use this therapeutically with clients. The knowledge you will gain from this book can be mastered allowing you to be able to confidently hypnotise and therapeutically work with almost anyone using the approach that is right for them as an individual. You will be able to do what I think of as client-centred hypnotherapy.

Learn the fundamental principles of the Ericksonian approach, hypnotic language patterns, paradoxical interventions and how to craft healing stories.

Hypnotherapy Revealed: Hypnotherapy Trance Scripts

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This 3rd book in the Hypnotherapy Revealed series, Hypnotherapy Trance Scripts was previously released as ‘Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts’. This new and expanded 3rd edition contains 50% more content than the 2nd edition, with additional hypnotic inductions and updated therapeutic hypnosis scripts including information about the evidence for the use of hypnosis in the treatment of many of the conditions covered in this Hypnotherapy Trance Scripts book. This Hypnotherapy Trance Scripts book has been written to be as helpful as possible, there is information to help you understand the scripts, an introduction to Ericksonian hypnotic language and techniques being used, and an overview of how to do hypnotherapy, and how to hold hypnotherapy sessions. There are 88 hypnotic induction scripts, deepeners and scripts to help people stop smoking, lose weight, lift depression, calm anxiety, sooth pain, increase performance enhancement, tackle insomnia, and much more. . . This all round package makes this book a valuable resource for anyone wanting to learn more about Ericksonian hypnosis and therapy. Hypnotherapists in training can also read and analyse the scripts and study the language, structure and multi-level communication used to further their skill and knowledge.

Dream Journal: 60-day sleep, dream and wellbeing journal

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This 60-Day Slumberland Dream Journal is for more than just dreaming, this journal is about wellbeing. Each section you can complete serves a purpose. You don’t have to fill each section in, as each section may not be relevant to you and your situation.
Gratitude – writing down what you have been grateful for and what you have to look forward to has been found to help reduce anxiety, worry and depression.
Compassionate Writing – writing down your thoughts and feelings about problems and how they impact on your life has been seen to help reduce worry, anxiety and depression.
Externalising and Problem-Solving Worries – writing down worries from the day and any solutions you may have, even if it is that you will do something, helps to close the pattern in your brain which reduces excessive dreaming, helping you to get more restful sleep.
As well as this additional wellbeing information that the journal can gather, you can also enter the time you went to bed, when you woke up, how many times you were awake during the night (if any) and record your dreams, what they may be related to, what you can learn from the dreams and whether they were lucid or not.


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I am a #1 best-selling autistic self-published author, I have had over 150,000 books sold, over 15 million YouTube video views, and my sleep story mp3’s have been downloaded and streamed over 5,000,000 times. I have created many online hypnosis, hypnotherapy and parenting training courses and have an extensive background working in child and family support, and helping around sleep, anxiety and stress.

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