Hire An Autism Expert For Talks

If you are looking for an autism expert to hold talks or training courses, or looking for someone with autism to hold talks or training courses in the UK. Dan isn’t just an autism expert with over 20 years professional experience, but he is also autistic and focused on empowering change and changing perceptions of autistic people.

Dan is author of over 30 books on mental health, autism and hypnotherapy. He has worked in adult mental health, residential children’s homes (including helping to set up a therapeutic communities children’s home), worked within parenting and family work and educating professionals about working with parents and children, managed and trained teams of family workers, held courses for parents around tackling challenging behaviour of children and teens and around child/teen to parent violence and abuse.

Dan has been featured in various local and national newspapers and magazines writing about autism and on Sky News and BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey on numerous occasions. He has also held a number of talks on the uses of self-hypnosis and meditation for mental health and personal development, and on autism, both what it is like to be autistic and what you can do to support autistic people, as well as tips and strategies for autistic people.

Dan is happy to hold talks and consult with businesses around autism and becoming an autism-friendly workplace or business, or talks to parents or professionals (like teachers, youth workers, local authority workers or social workers) about what it is like to be autistic, understanding what is going on in the mind behind the behaviours, and how to help autistic people thrive and succeed in different settings.

Dan Jones is available to hire for talks, workshops and seminars. Topics he can cover include:

  • The World through the lens of Autism
  • Autism in the workplace – tackling discrimination and creating an autism friendly environment
  • Pro’s and Con’s of being autistic
  • What hypnosis and meditation can teach to those with autism
  • Your child has autism – what next?
  • Autism and relationships
  • Finding the positives in adversity
  • Learning hypnosis to increase confidence

You can find out more on Dan’s media page where there are links to articles and more information about Dan’s background and social media presence.

Contact Information:

Telephone: +44 (0) 7594 207 579
Email Dan Jones Management: danjones.mgmt@ritualnetwork.com
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