“Escaping The Unicorn Basket” Recommend Read

Escaping The Unicorn Basket is a fascinating insight through the eyes of the author into life before, during and after transitioning from female to male. Alexander Marcus shares his thoughts, experiences and ideas about being transgender, giving insights into his world and why he transitioned. He shares about those who were supportive as well as … More “Escaping The Unicorn Basket” Recommend Read

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Are you looking for something new to learn through the summer? Here, you can save up to 95% on these 16 courses of mine (further details below – all courses $9.99 USD/£9.99 GBP or equivalent Udemy currency conversion and taxes) which I have developed to help people to learn hypnosis and hypnotherapy and develop your … More ☀️ SUMMER SALE on Hypnotherapy eCourses – SAVE up to 95%

What Causes Autism?

The causes of autism aren’t fully known. There is variety in those with autism, from high-functioning, to low-functioning. As it is something people are born with it is clearly genetic, but how it expresses differently is currently unknown. It could be that genes associated with autism are expressed differently in the presence of other genes, … More What Causes Autism?