The Couple’s Railway Holiday (Sleep Story)

(Premium) This healing sleep story for grownups is a bedtime story for grownups about a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. They went on a long train journey. They pass around and through mountains, sleep the night on the train, the next day, they pull in at a station and have a few hours to explore. While exploring, they hear a sonic boom and see the wave of pressure travel through the environment. They see a UFO appear, then in a blink, disappear, then appear again and land. They watch as aliens leave the ship, explore the surroundings, before getting back onto the ship and flying off again. They noticed a long time had passed. Back on the train, they wondered where the 4 hours had gone. They decided to try hypnosis to reveal what happened during the missing time. The hypnotised person explains about a purple pulse, then they both walk to the aliens, they are guided on to the ship, they are scanned with different items, measured, weighed, have some dead skin wiped off to gather some DNA, then they are shown off the craft and back to where they were standing. The hypnosis was ended and they talked, fascinated and excited about what had happened. The next day when the train stops, they go and explore the area, taking photos of wildlife. The next day, they arrive at the coast where they stay in a luxury hotel for a night before the train journey back to where they started. They explore the town, the seafront at night. The next day, they set off on their journey home, stopping at the same locations but at different times of the day, so they enjoyed different things on the return journey. Once back home, they relaxed, looked at their photos and video clips from their break away. They head to bed and drift so peacefully and comfortably asleep.

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