Fall Asleep To 🎄 A MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎅 By Louisa May Alcott Read By Dan Jones

Relax or Fall asleep to ‘A Merry Christmas’…

This story is a vintage Christmas story called A Merry Christmas by Louisa May Alcott.

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2 responses to “Fall Asleep To 🎄 A MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎅 By Louisa May Alcott Read By Dan Jones”

  1. Hi, this is not about that story, I wanted to know if you have any 8 hour or longer stories where you don’t make those long pauses? They wake me up when you start talking again. Thanks Erica-Rose


    1. Here is a link to a playlist of compilations of my sleep meditations, apart from a 11.5 hour compilation which was recorded in 2018 when I had a permanent 24/7 livestream of sleep meditations with a new sleep meditation (of between 26-30 minutes long) starting on each hour, and the subsequent video was what YouTube autosaved from that stream (and this video isn’t in this compilations playlist) which obviously had silence of varying lengths from 0 minutes to 4 minutes between sleep meditations, and my original Dragon’s Fire sleep meditation compilation which developed a fault at some point over the years where there are a few places where the audio cuts out during the video for up to a couple of minutes (also not in this playlist, in the playlist is the newer re-upload which doesn’t have the fault), none of the compilations in the playlist have long pauses, just normal length pauses you would get listening to and engaging with any meditation (in fact in most cases much shorter pauses than you get in most meditations where it is common to have pauses of easily 30-60 seconds to give time for the person to do inner work, the longest pauses are usually no more than about 4-5 seconds, with very occasional 7-8 second pauses where you are drifting even deeper into the experience and carrying out inner work etc at those points and most people need a minimum of that length of time to engage with the meditation at those points to become more absorbed in the experience), obviously, if you are woken up by the end of a pause, your volume is likely too high when listening, it should be like gentle background noise you are engaging with and following along to with the expectation that you drift almost timeless in the pauses, where your mind has stopped talking, so you can’t tell how long a pause was and you only remember you are still following along to something, either by suddenly realising I’m still there talking (which can happen at any point, it is common to zone out during the talking, with no silence and then suddenly realise the talking is there), or suddenly realising that I’ve just started talking again, but once you fall asleep it should have been listened to at a volume that is no more disturbing then any other usual nighttime sound, like the sound of rolling over in bed, or the sound of your breathing: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp0cU22E4NrIZ-c6dJ0h40DzFE7pLKA2F


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